Sarees are thought to be one of the most beautiful attire for women. Any gorgeous saree is like icing on the cake. Now designs of sarees have evolved and have taken the place of conventional saree. Nowadays young woman also loves wearing stylish and trendy sarees on special occasions. The demand for designer saree is increasing day by day. Women from different age love to wear sarees in different ways that have different kinds of designs and patterns crafted all over the body.



Attractive Colors


Choosing a color according to your skin tone is quite easy. However, if you want to look younger than your age then you should go for cool colors. Although bright colors make Indian skin tones more attractive and cool colors have a soothing effect. But, if you have made up your mind to go with bright colors, opt for soft hues. They’re great and comfortable. Other than this solid colors such as midnight blue, floral pink work very well too.


Fabric Materials


It is better to keep Banarasi Saree, Cotton Saree, Pathani, Tussar saree out of the picture if. They will make you look older because of their heavy appearance, their hues, and fabrics. Chiffon and georgette with light embroidery design are perfect as per your requirement. But, if you’re thinking they will show your actual body structure, then crepe is your ideal solution. It will make your look almost 10 years younger while managing to fall in a manner that’s flattering.


Saree Draping Styles


The saree draping style is another crucial part if you want to look younger. Just follow this tip that instead of hanging your pallu as low as your waist when it’s moving towards your shoulder. Other than this, single pleat pallus by themselves or pleats that goes down the other shoulder and down towards your feet look alluring and let you show off your blouses. Although if you want to do more experiment with your looks, then ankle length sarees, saree pants or one-sided drapes are all sensational options and guaranteed to surprise!




Traditional prints and designs such as crane birds, butterflies and Buddha and animal prints will provide you well to look like someone who just graduated college! Beside that geometric, graphics, polka designs and check pattern are some clever options if they have a good portrait of contrast colors. Innovative prints of kaleidoscopic, abstract and ombre art on sarees also have great popularity. So, please follow these points to look the best version of you in saree.