Kanchipuram sarees or Kanjivaram sarees are considered to be the most premium quality silk sarees in the world. They are very expensive also because of their unique looks and resplendent. There are various kinds of silk sarees being sold in the world. If you do not know how to recognize authentic Kanchipuram silk saree, you can easily get deceived by the seller. This post will help you to check the authenticity of a pure South Indian Kanchipuram saree. At the beginning kanjeevaram silk sarees are mostly made in Southern states of India. It is a traditional epitome of South Indian culture. And, it present the artistic and beauty incredibly. Kanjivaram sarees are made up of a special type of fibre and amazing finish that will steal your heart at a glance. With the delicate design and weaving it is characterized by traditional Kanchipuram sarees as a reflection of elegance.

Here are some simple tips to identify your beloved saree:

1. Kanchipuram sarees always have a thick zari border which gives a traditional look. This is a characteristic that differentiate these sarees from many other types of silk sarees made in India. So keep that in mind that the fabric of these saree is usually thick.

2. While making this saree, craftsman takes a silk yarn and twist a silver yarn over each thread and then it is dipped into pure gold to make the zari border. Sometimes weaver use copper to make the pallu look shiny. So make sure the pallu is not made up of copper.

3. You can see the purity of the zari by scratching the zari and also check if red silk comes out from the corner of the saree. There should be no silk appear from the corners.

4. You can take out a thread from the saree and  light a fire at the end of the threads. If you see ashes come out then it is pure Kanjivaram saree. If not, then it is made up of artificial fibers.

5. Silk Board of India always approve silk material with a special mark, that is the authentication of pure silk product. So, look for the label on the saree to be sure of its legitimacy. It is advised to buy kanchipuram sarees from reputed specialized store. Banarasi Niketan is one most reputed women’s apparel store of India. You will get genuine products with free shipping and cash on delivery option here.