Handloom sarees are a traditional attire and creative art of India and Bangladesh. The production of handloom sarees are one of the main factor for economic growth in rural India. Completion of a single handloom saree takes around two to three days of hard work. Every region of India has their own tradition of handlooms. The hand twisted saree reflects your class and personality, due to its high-quality fabric and unique design. If you are a fashion enthusiast personality, then get ready to shuffle the online market. We will give you a quick glimpse of best quality Handloom Sarees. Here are the top 5 reasons for ladies love to wear a handloom Saree. 1.

Eco-friendly and organically made

A handloom saree is a finely woven by natural fabric, where the twist of design and pattern, motif and border, embellishment and craft or other complementary aspects make each product unparalleled, each item as distinctive as the next.     2.

Give you a traditional look

India is the nation that has an impressive legacy of different societies and heritages that have brought about incalculable creative artworks and fine arts in each niche and corner of this big nation. The Indian handloom industry doesn't neglect to inspire the creativity of weavers, and furthermore demonstrates the rich and various Indian Culture. Each region of the nation has an alternate work of art to gloat, thus does their weavers. Sarees like Banarasi sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, Dhakai Sarees are some of the world famous handloom sarees.    3.

Earning solutions for poor weavers

Since the last few years however, the art sector responsible for many of the most resplendent of Indian traditional outfits have faded away due to the negligence of the government. Many of the saree weavers have been forced to leave this work that has been the only earning source to live their life. Though nowadays people have become more aware about the fact that handloom industry can boost our textile sector.  4.

Every saree is unique

The traditional handloom saree of Bengal are famous for their mind blowing design and unique craftsmanship. The broad range and palette of hues that these fascinating sarees employ are a testament to their spell-binding power and allure. The sheer appeal of these 9 yard wonders is what makes them all so sought after in the Indian ethnic fashion scene today. 5.

Soft on skin

Not just for style, handloom sarees are cherished by women because of their soft and flowy nature that is perfect for Indian climate. 6.


The great thing about handloom saree is that you can store them for long periods of time without damaging the look and feel of the saree. Just have dry-cleaned your saree frequently to use it repeatedly.